2015 Canadian Whitetail buck taken with APS Raptor T-Hunter in 7mm Allen Magnum.  221 5/8" gross score

2015 Canadian 11x12 whitetail taken with Raptor T-Hunter in 7mm Allen Magnum.

Kirby Allen Background.    

    Kirby Allen was born and raised in North Central Montana where he grew up hunting, fishing and camping with his friends and family.   Over time his passion turned toward big game hunting, handloading and eventually into gunsmithing.
    In 2000, Kirby started his studies with the American Gunsmithing Institute where he learned the basics of general gunsmithing on handguns, shotguns and rifles.  He also started extensive courses in metal machining.
    Kirby quickly realized that he wanted to specialize in the field of precision firearms but especially in long range precision firearms.   He then started studying the rifle building techniques of well know accuracy minded smiths such as Darrell Holland and Greg Tannel.
    Allen Precision Shooting became a reality in the spring of 2003 with the construction of a new shop located in Fort Shaw, Montana which was fully equipped for building precision firearms.  In a relatively short 8 years Kirby Allen has become a master firearm manufacturer and his one man shop ships 75 to 85 rifles annually.  
    Unique products produced by Allen Precision Shooting are an extensive listing of wildcat chamberings designed and offered exclusively through APS.  The design goal of these wildcats was to extend the effective range of big game hunting rifles beyond what is available with standard chamberings or even the best wildcats on the market.  The ALLEN MAGNUM line of wildcats accomplish this with ease.  The ALLEN XPRESS family of wildcats offer top end performance with better barrel life for those that do not need the most extreme performance possible.  Also included in the APS families of wildcats are the ALLEN TACTICAL, MAXIMUS and RAPTOR wildcats, all of which are extensively covered in this web sight.
    Other products offered by APS are the extreme performance Raptor receivers, Raptor LRSS and Raptor Stalker complete rifle systems and the Painkiller muzzle brakes.

Personal note from Kirby

 I would like to personally thank everyone for visiting my web site.  I got into this business simply because I wanted to offer an extremely high quality product but also do so at a cost that most could afford if they wanted to get into a serious long range precision firearm.   I have been very blessed to have a beautiful wife who has supported me from the start of this wild ride and now I have a beautiful little shooting partner in my little girl  who was born in 2006.   
    I would also like to thank all of my past and current customers.   Its not always easy putting up with a one man operation.  I can be hard to get a hold of some times, prefer e-mails and it may take a bit longer to get rifles shipped then some of the larger shops but I can assure every customer that your project will get my undivided attention when it reaches my work bench and it will be built as if its going in my personal gun safe.  No projects are rushed and every one is held to a 1/2 moa accuracy potential guarantee, tested and proven before shipping.  
    My customers truely become my friends.  I take each project very personal and take great pride and humility in the fact you chose me to build your firearm.  Because of that I am honored to build each and every one and do my best to get you a world class rifle in every way possible.
    Thank you for your past, present and future support and for this wild ride we have taken together.  I look forward to many more years of even more adventures together.

Thank each and every one of you,

Kirby Allen
Rifle builder

99 Stevenson Rd.
Fort Shaw, MT 59443




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