Allen Precision Xtreme Heavy Sporter rifle in 338 Allen Magnum accuracy test at 1150 yards.  265 gr. Barnes TTSX loaded to 3540 fps in a 8-14 mph variable wind from 8 o'clock direction. 


Kirby's 35" corsican Ram taken with Raptor LRSS prototype
rifle in 300 Allen Xpress with one shot at 655 yards.  As you can see, big guns are not needed for long range hunting all the time but they can make up for a marginal shot placement!!!

Aoudad Ram at 645 yards
Raptor LRSS 338 Allen Xpress

Korey Allen 25-06 Rem
34" Corsican Ram at 530 yards


Roy Allens Simatar Horned Oryx
Gracemont, Oklahoma
272 yards, APS 7mm Rem. Mag
Oklahoma exotic sheep cull hunt
Raptor LRSS 338 Allen Xpress
500 yards

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