Factory Receiver Based Firearms Services:
APS will only consider projects based on the following factory platforms:  Remington 700, Remington XP-100, Savage receivers and Armalite AR-50 platforms.  Because prices vary dramatically due to the custom options selected and the number of these option choices, its impossible to list a total price for these projects.  Below is a generic list of services.  For more detailed information on complete projects, please send request to APS via e-mail link on our home page.

Remington 700 service:                                           Prices:

-Receiver accurizing                                                  $285
-Sako Extractor Kit and installation                            $175
-Badger Ordnance Extractor and install                       $200
-Holland Comp. Recoil Lug (w/ rifle build)                   $65
-Gre Tan striker assembly upgrade                             $120
-Complete barrel installation                                      $285-385
-Wyatts extended mag box installation                       $145
-Bead Blast matte finish barrel                                   $85- $125
-Skim bed stocks                                                       $100- $125
-Pillar bed wood and composite stocks                        $175-$200
-Modify receiver to 8-40 base screws                          $125
-Pin rail base to receiver (3 pins)                               $125
-Cerakote metal finish                                               $300-$450

APS Complete Custom Rifle Prices:  Prices can vary depending on options choosen but these are standard base line package prices. Dealer prices available for Raptor receivers and Painkiller muzzle brakes to licensed manufacturers.  Please supply current manufacturers FFL to get discounted prices. Send to e-mail address on home page.

APS Raptor Prices:
Raptor Receivers:                                                           $1475
-Complete receiver
-Spiral bolt fluting
-Choice of Target, Hybrid or Hunter ejection port designs
-Choice of Right or Left hand bolt
-Choice of three magazine box length or single shot
-Pinned in Badger Ordnance extractor
-Plunger ejector
-1.100" x 16 tpi receiver threads
-Match grade heat treated recoil lug
-20 moa, full length stainless steel rail base
-Rail base triple pinned to receiver w/ six 8-40 mounting bolts
-Uses all Remington 700 triggers
-Uses all Rem 700 bottom metal

Raptor Stalker Rifle:                                              $4200
Standard Features
-Raptor Hunter receiver
-Right or Left hand receiver
-Two piece 1913 Pic rail base
-Holland Comp recoil lug
-Lilja Stainless steel Raptor Stalker contour barrel
-Allen Precision Small 3 port Painkiller muzzle brake
-Jewell trigger with top safety, set at 1 lb.
-HS Precision, Badger Ordnance or Seekins DM systems
-McMillan BDL or HTG, or Manner MCS-T or MCS-GAT sporter stocks
-Allen Precision custom pillar bedding
-Bead Blast stainless matte finish on barreled receiver
-Accuracy tested at 800 yards and proven 1/2 moa accuracy potential
-Ecomony shipping hard case
-Shipping with full value insurance to your FFL 
Raptor Stalker Options:
-Barrel fluting                                                        $140
-Adjustable Cheek Piece                                          $150
-Cerakote metal finish                                            $350-$500 (depending on color and pattern)
-Nightforce Ultralight 30mm scope rings                  $180

Raptor LRSS Rifle                                               $4900
Standard Features:
-Raptor Target receiver
-Right or Left hand receiver
-Full length 20 moa stainless steel 1913 Pic rail base
-Base triple pinned to rail base w/ six 8-40 mounting screws
-Heat treated match grade recoil lug
-Jewell trigger w/ top safety set to customers desired pull weight
-HS or Badger Ordnance DM system or Single shot option
-Lilja Raptor LRSS custom contour barrel up to 30" finish length
-Custom dual patter barrel fluting
-APS Painkiller Medium or Slim muzzle brake
-McMillan A-5, Manner MCS-T4, Manner MCS-T5 stock options
-Allen Precision custom pillar bedding
-Bead Blast stainless matte finish on barreled receiver
-Accuracy tested at 1000 yards min for 1/2 moa accuracy potential
-Economy shipping hard case
-Shipping with full value insurance to your FFL
Raptor LRSS rifle options:
-Barrel length of 31" to 33"                                        $20 per inch
-Adjustable Cheek Piece                                             $150
-Spacer system adjustable LOP                                   $130
-Cerakote metal finish                                                $350-$500

Raptor LRSS Turn Key System                           $8000
Features, Same as above Raptor LRSS Rifle features Plus:
-Adjustable Cheek Piece
-Two sets of Nightforce Ultralight tactical rings installed
-NF NXS 5.5-22x 50mm w/ NP-R1 reticle and zero stop
-Scope level installed
-Harris 9-13 Swivel base, leg notch bipod with pod lock installed
-Rifle zeroed at 1000 yards
-Test load chronographed
-Ballistic drop chart out to 2000 yards *
-Cabelas Bullet Proof aluminum hard case
-Shipping and full value insurance shipped to your FFL

* This drop chart may need to be adjusted for your shooting location due to different elevation, temp and loading componant variations.

Xtreme Heavy Sporter Single Shot                        $5500
Xtreme Heavy Sporter Evolution Single Shot          $5700
Xtreme Heavy Sporter Repeater                            $6200
Xtreme Heavy Sporter Evolution Repeater              $6400
Standard Features:
-BAT Model M 1.55"x8.5" diameter single shot, stainless steel receiver(single shot)
-BAT 40 moa 1913 Pic. stainless steel rail base(single shot)
-Stiller Precision TAC408 1.600" Dia receiver (repeater)
-Stiller Precision 40 moa rail base (repeater)
-Jewell trigger with bottom safety installed and tuned to customers desired pull weight
-Lilja or Krieger custom ALLEN32 contour barrel, 32" finish length
-Large 50 BMG style barrel flutes
-Match grade chambering
-Large 5 port Painkiller muzzle brake
-Bead Blast stainless matte finish on barreled receiver
-McMillan A-5 Tactical stock with 1" decelerator recoil pad (sinlge shot version)
-McMillan A-5 Supermag Tactical stock w/ 1" decel. recoil pad (repeating version)
-Integral Adjustable Cheek Piece
-Pillar bedding (three pillars)
-Metal ADL trigger guard
-Accuracy test at 1200 yards and prove capable of 1/2 moa accuracy potential
-Cabelas 62" Bullet Proof Aluminum hard case
-Shipping with full value insurance
XHS Options:
-Barrel length of 32" to 36"                                        $20 per inch
-Spacer system adjustable LOP                                   $130
-Cerakote metal finish                                                $350 to $500
-Extra 7 round Detachable Magazine box                     $185
-XLR Evolution Folding stock adapter                           $115
-XLR Benchrest forend adaptor                                   $75
-XLR handguard pic rail kit                                         $95
-XLR front quick disconnect mount adaptor                  $30   
-XLR LR Accuracy SC-II Bipod                                      $450

APS Painkiller muzzle brakes
Small Painkiller muzzle brake 1/2"x28 tpi                    $205 shipped, $320 installed + return shipping
Small Painkiller muzzle brake 5/8"x24 tpi                    $205 shipped, $320 installed + return shipping
Medium Painkiller muzzle brake 5/8"x24 tpi                 $215 shipped, $335 installed + return shipping
Large 5 port Painkiller muzzle brake 3/4"x28 tpi           $275 shipped, $395 installed + return shipping

ALLEN PRECISION wildcat brass and loading dies:
Form customer supplied brass                                      $125 per 100 cases
Fully formed APS wildcat brass                                     Dependant on current market price for parent brass
Fully formed brass
338 Allen Xpress                                                        $385 per 100 + shipping(while supplies last)
338 Allen Magnum                                                     $425 per 100 + shipping
375 Allen Magnum                                                     $425 per 100 + shipping
Custom handloading dies include Redding or Hornady Custom FL sizing die and Converted Forster Ultra BR seating die:
257 AM, 6.5mm AM, 270 AM                                        $325
7mm AM, 300 AX, 338 AX, 375 AX                               $350
338 Allen Magnum                                                      $400 (1" dia FL die, 7/8" seating die)
375 Allen Magnum                                                      $465 (1" dia FL and Seating die)
510 Allen Magnum                                                      $685

All prices listed current as of 10-01-15.  Prices subject to change without notice so please contact APS for current prices if in question.

Because of current work load at Allen Precision, projects based on factory receivers are accepted on a VERY limited basis dependant on the current work load on the books.  All projects are considered on a case by case basis. Current prices as of 10-01-15.

General Price List

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