I contacted Kirby from Iraq in 2008.  We chatted back and forth, for 6 months about my ideas.  He was so patient with me, I had allot of questions to say the least.  I Finally made my decisions about what I wanted and shipped my parts off to Montana.  The rifles that were returned to me far exceeded my expectations!  The fit and finish was beyond excellent,, and the performance was just out of this world!  On my very first outing with the 260 Remington he built for me I printed a 2" 5 round group and 850 meters.  I have used a few other rifle smiths, but I have never found a single one who devoted as much attention to his customers as Kirby did to me.  I felt like I was the only one he was doing a build for.  I am now a customer for life thanks again Kirby


SSG Jonathan Morehouse

“At this point, I have five custom XP-100s built by Kirby Allen.  All of these handguns are remarkably accurate.  For me, hunting all over the world is serious business and Kirby Allen’s craftsmanship has always performed flawlessly.” 

Mark Hampton 

"Allen Precision Shooting quite simply builds the finest custom firearms available.  The level of precision and attention to detail that goes into each custom build is unrivaled among any gunsmith I have ever worked with.  When you couple Kirby's exceptional skill as a gunsmith with the innovation involved in his wildcat designs, you are left with a firearm that stands superior in form, function, and performance.  APS will build the most accurate and ballistically potent rifle available -- of that you can be sure."



Jed Lowe

"You won't find another riflesmith that pays as close attention to detail as Kirby Allen.  A friend and I bought the first two 270 AM rifles that he sold and they exceeded our expectations.  It was routine to kill prairie dogs from 800 to 1000 yds.  He also built me a 6mm 22-250 that I shot in numerous matches and had many top 5 finishes with.  I was able to kill an antelope doe at 1330 yds w/a 338 AX that he built me.  Kirby builds extremely accurate rifles and they all look just as good as they shoot!!"

B.J. Bailey

Several years ago BJ Bailey and myself meet Kirby on the long range hunting forum and formed a very quick friendship.  We trusted Kirby with the assembly of two of his very first 270 Allen Mag rifles and we were amazed at the product we recieved.  The craftsmanship of the rifles was beyond excellent and the accuracy was through the roof.  We regularly killed prairie dogs with our fireforming loads past the 700-1000yd marks and i later killed a nice bull moose with my rifle at 481yds, with one shot.  It takes alot of power to park a 1400lb animal in his tracks and the 270 Allen Mag was more than up to the task.  Kirby has built several rifles for both of us now and several more animals have fallen to them, be they close or far shots.  I appreciate Kirby's attention to detail and meticulous attention to accuracy, I truly feel he is on a level above most all other gunsmiths

Steve Elmenhorst

" Kirby has built two rifles for me, functionality & accuracy are my primary concerns and they are first class in that area. In addition they look great and every small detail is perfect. Not only do they perform in the field, but they look great in the trophy photos as well! 
I have a 270 AM (2006) and a 7 Dakota (2009) you have built me. The Dakota has over 10 notches under its belt big game wise and handful of unlucky coyotes have met their demise from it as well.  Longest kill on the Dakota is 520 yards. It is my go do rifle whether I headed out west or have a coyote barking in the pasture behind the house. If I did not mean it, I would not say it."

John Ford

"My first experience with Kirby came as a result of an e-mail I sent regarding a Wby 338/378 that did not group well. After a few months I got the rifle back from Kirby sporting a new Lilja barrel and a trued up action. 7 or 8 years later this rifle still shoots great, well under 1/2 moa with most of my pet loads, and was used just last fall to take two antelope at over 900 yards. Since that original rifle, Kirby has built a fully custom rifle for me, re-barreled another, and I have another one (338 AM) on order. The 510 AM I purchased from Kirby as a finished rifle is simply awesome!! Not only does Kirby build great rifles, but he has always been very helpful when I have questions or am running into problems. The largest step I took in becoming a long range shooter was getting my first APS rifle. It gave me the confidence to know that I had the equipment to make the shot, no longer did I have to wonder if those misses were me or the rifle!"

Rick Marsh

"Honest extremely hard working guy who you can still trust his word which says alot in this day and age"  " Allen Precision rifles that are second to none "

Robert Wolff

"Currently I have two APS rifles, a re-barreled and accurized Browning A-Bolt and a 338 Allen Xpress Raptor Stalker.  Both shoot Kirby's 1/2 MOA guarantee quite easily!  His design for the Raptor action is absolute genius.  Although nothing ground breaking, it incorporates minor tweaks to existing actions that are so logical one has to wonder why no one else has come up with them.   These actions are so smooth they make the Weatherby and Tikka feel rough by comparison! But the hallmark of The Raptor action is its strength.  Designed expressly to comfortably shoot his very high performance magnum cartridges, they accomplish that with ease.  Not only are they strong, but they are square.  That means he has a high quality base to build and ACCURATE rifle on.  Kirby is honest, humble and truly cares about pleasing his customers.  An APS rifle is second to none, period."

Jim Toms


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