The original work horse of the APS line of custom rifles was the Xtreme Heavy Sporter platform.  While not designated by chambering, the rifle was built more on the design platform of a single
shot rifle, tactical style stock, heavy fluted stainless steel barrel and effective muzzle brake.  This rifle was designed to work in the 800 to 1600 yard range for big game hunting and is chambered
in the most potent chamberings available, obviously most of the Allen Magnum wildcats!  With a
16 to 19 pound ready to hunt with finish weight, the XHS offers an extremely potent long range precision rifle for big game hunting.  After the original single shot version was released, a
repeating version was also designed and offered to the public.  These rifles are big, long and
heavy.  They are also extremely accurate and very powerful.  If this class of rifle fills your needs,
you can do not better then the impressive APS XHS rifles.

New to the XHS line up is the XHS XLR Evolution rifle platform using the great XLR Evolution stock
in both single shot and repeating version which uses the 7 round detachable magazine
box system.

The Xtreme Heavy Sporter is the work horse heavy rifle in the APS family of custom rifles.  Designed for those that want the reach to cleanly harvest big game animials at ranges past 800 and 1000 yards with consistency.  Most of the XHS rifles from APS are chambered in the 338 or 375 Allen Magnum but that is not a requirement.   In reality, the XHS platform can be chambered in any magnum class chambering including all of the Allen Magnum, APS Raptor and most Allen Xpress wildcat chamberings.

The McMillan A-5 tactical stock is the standard stock choice for the APS XHS because of its ability to perform very well in many different types of hunting and shooting situations.  It is simply one of the most flexible stock platforms for this class of heavy hunting type rifles.

The main receiver choice for the XHS is the BAT Model M 1.55"x8.5" single shot receivers because of their extreme strength, compact size and compatibility with all chamberings from standard belted magnum up to wildcats like the 338 Allen Magnum and 375 Allen Magnum.

The XHS rifles use custom made Lilja or Krieger stainless steel barrels made to custom dimensions in either 30", 32", 33", 34" or 36" barrel lengths.  Large 50 caliber style barrel flutes are standard on the XHS rifles.

Another exclusive feature on the XHS rifles are the large 5 port Painkiller muzzle brakes used on these rifles to tame the recoil levels of the very large chamberings common with this rifle platform.  The 338 Allen Magnum will drive a 300 gr. SMK to 3400 fps depending on barrel length and produce felt recoil in the same class as a 270 Winchester conventional bolt action rifle, extremely comfortable to shoot.

The XHS Repeating rifles are similiar to the single shot versions with two three major changes in rifle features.   The Receiver is the very long Stiller Precision TAC408 receiver which accept 7 round detachable magazine box and floorplate system.  Also, because of the longer receiver length, the McMillan A-5 Supermag tactical stock is used instead of the standard A-5.   This stock is wider through the receiver area of the stock and also has a forend that is roughly 5" longer then the standard A-5 which shifts the balance point of the rifle farther back so it sits in on the bipod much more solidly then it would using a standard A-5 stock.

Ready to hunt with weight, which includes a Nightforce NXS 5.5-22x 50mm scope, two sets of NF ultralight tactical rings and Harris 9-13" swivel base bipod with pod lock system, are 16 to 19 lbs for the single shot version and 19 to 22 pounds for the repeating version of the XHS rifles.

Big. powerful and extremely accurate, if your looking for the most impressive long range hammer on the market, this is it.

Available XHS chamberings:
338 Allen Magnum
375 Allen Magnum
410 Allen Magnum
458 Allen Tactical
50 Allen Tactical


APS X.H.S. Rifles

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