The Raptor Long Range Shooting System (LRSS) is the pinncle of strength, power and precision.  This rifle is designed specifically to be used as a long to extreme range, precision big game hunting rifle.  Finish weight of this rifle will come in from 16 to 18 lbs depending on optical package choosen.
    The Raptor LRSS has several unique features but most notable is the Raptor LRSS custom barrel contour which helps give the rifle its extremely aggressive appearance.  Not only does this rifle look the part but its abilities to precisely place shots at extreme long range make it the perfect package for the long range big game hunter.
    The Raptor LRSS is designed as a "sit and shoot" type rifle.   In the better long range chambering options, the Raptor LRSS will offer legit +2000 yard reach for casual shooting and effectiveness on big game out to 1500 yards and more.
    Not only does the Raptor LRSS extreme range performance, it does so with extreme comfort.  The APS Painkiller muzzle brake tames recoil levels DRAMATICALLY and eliminates muzzle jump allowing the shooter to see bullet impact at ranges as close as 100 yards and all ranges beyond this point when the rifle is fired from a solid shooting position.  Even young shooters and women can shoot the Raptor LRSS in any of its available chamberings.   It is truely a pleasure to shoot with the ability to reach out to 2000 yards and beyond.

The Raptor LRSS is available in single shot or repeating models, right or left hand.

Raptor LRSS features

-APS Raptor receiver
-20 moa Stainless Steel, full length rail base
-Base triple pinned to receiver and mounted with six, 8-40 mounting screws
-Aggressive spiral bolt fluting
-Tactical bolt handle
-Competition, heat treated recoil lug
-Jewell trigger with top safety, adjustment range of 1.5 oz to 4 lbs
-Lilja Stainless Steel Raptor LRSS custom contour barrel
-Raptor LRSS dual flute pattern on barrel
-26" to 30" finish length (+30 to 34" barrel lengths optional)
-APS medium 3 port Painkiller muzzle brake
-Bead Blast matte finish (Cerakote finish optional)
-HS Precision Detachable Magazine system (Seekins 3.990" DM system optional)
-McMillan A-5 tactical stock with gel coat marble finish of choice
-1" Decelerator recoil pad
-Thumbwheel adjustable Cheep Piece
-APS custom pillar bedding
-Finished rifle weight: 15 to 17 pounds depending on optics used. (This included Harris 9-13" swivel base bipod with pod lock)

Chambering Options

The Raptor LRSS is available in the following APS chamberings:

270 Allen Magnum
7mm Allen Magnum
300 Allen Xpress
338 Ultra Maxx
338 Allen Xpress
375 Allen Xpress
300 Raptor
338 Raptor

Also available in the following chamberings:

7mm Dakota Magnum
7mm Remington Ultra Magnum
300 Remington Ultra Magnum
338 Remington Ultra Magnum
338 Edge
338 Lapua
375 Remington Ultra Magnum

If your in the market for a long to extreme range big game hunting rifle, the Raptor LRSS is the top of the line offering extreme precision at long range yet at a reasonable finished rifle weight.  The Raptor LRSS is truely the top of the line in quality and performance for its class of rifle and will compete head to head with much heavier conventional rifles as well.  For a precision big game hunting rifle, it really does not get any better then the Raptor LRSS.

Raptor LRSS custom barrel contour on top compared to a conventional Lilja #8 heavy contour barrel.  Note the dramatically longer full diameter barrel shank and unique dual flute pattern on the Raptor LRSS barrel contour.  This results in a dramatically stiffer barrel yet with very similiar finish weight to the conventional contoured barrel.

View of the Raptor receivers identification engraving on the extended receiver threaded shank.

Raptor LRSS  in 338 Allen Xpress capable of driving a 300
gr. SMK to legit 3000 fps velocity and offer 1/2 moa
accuracy levels out to extreme ranges, even out to one
mile and well beyond depending on chambering.

Close up showing some unique details of the Raptor
LRSS rifle including the aggressively fluted bolt and
dual flute pattern on barrel.
30" Aoudad Ram taken at 655 yards with Raptor LRSS
in 338 Allen Xpress and 300 gr SMK @ 3000 fps.

Raptor LRSS in 338 Allen Xpress with Manner MCS-T5A
stock and IOR optical package.  The barreled receiver is
finished in Fall Camo Cerakote finish which compliments
the 5 color Flectran finish from Manners very well.  This
Raptor LRSS uses a slightly lighter barrel contour then
the standard LRSS as the customer wanted a slightly
lighter finish weight in the rifle.

Another view of the above rifle showing the unique Manner
stock design and finish work.


Raptor LRSS: Ultimate combination of strength, power and precision.

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