270 Allen Magnum

The current big names in the 270 family of wildcats.  Left to Right: 270 Winchester, 270 Weatherby case, 270 Allen Magnum, 300 RUM (parent case of 270 A.M).  The 270 A.M. dramatically exceeds anything remotely possible with the 270 Weatherby Magnum.

Parent Case: 7mm or 300 Remington Ultra Magnum (fireformed brass available with rifle orders)

Preferred Bullets:  130 and 140 grain Accubond, 130, 140 and 150 grain Ballistic Tips, 169.5 gr ULD RBBT Wildcat.

Recommended Powders:  Ramshot Magnum, H-US896, WC-860 and WC-872

Recommended Primers:  Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum

Velocity Performance:
Bullet Weight                Muzzle Velocity(30" barrel length)
130 gr.                            3750 fps
140 gr.                            3650 fps
150 gr.                            3550 fps
169.5 gr. (custom)            3450 fps

Ballistic Performance:
Bullet Weight: 130 gr. Accubond @ 3750 fps, 250 yard zero, 10 mph

Yardage     velocity      wind drift        Energy        TOF(sec)
400            2897fps       7.8"            2423 ft/lbs    0.364
600            2529           18.7"           1845            0.586           
800            2189           35.4"           1383            0.841
1000          1878           59.3"           1018            1.137

Bullet Weight: 169.5 gr. ULD RBBT @ 3450 fps, 250 yard zero,10mph

Yardage    velocity        wind drift        energy        TOF
400           2963 fps       4.9"               3313 ft/lb   0.375          
600           2739            11.3"              2831         0.586
800           2526            20.9"              2409         0.814
1000         2323            33.8"              2037         1.061
1200         2130            50.7"              1713         1.331

Recommended Uses:  The 270 Allen Magnum was designed specifically for the use of hunting medium big game in the 200 to 600 pound class.  The 270 A.M. is also the first APS wildcat that offered legit +1000 yard effective range on medium big game animals as it sustains over 1 ton of kenetic energy at 1000 yards.  It also retains up to 2300 fps at this range which ensures full bullet expansion and energy transfer.  The 270 A.M. is a true all around performer.  Its just as at home in a lightweight sporter rifle for packing all day in rough country and hunting out to 700 yards, or as a medium weight rifle for dedicated long range precision big game hunting.  While the barrel life of the 270 Allen Magnum is dramatically longer then its smaller Allen Magnum siblings, its still not recommended to use this wildcat as a high volume varmint chambering.

Effective Range:  With commerical bullets, the 270 A.M. is best used at ranges from zero to 800 yards on medium size game.   For elk hunting it is recommended that range be limited to no more then 600 yards with conventional commerical bullets.  Using the 169.5 gr ULD RBBT from Wildcat Bullets, the 270 Allen Magnum offers legit +1200 yard range on medium to heavy deer species and 1/2 mile range on elk size targets.

Pros:  Very easy to form brass for, formed brass available through APS with rifle orders, Extremely potent ballistic and terminal performance.  Decent barrel life for performance level.  Fits in Rem 700 receivers easily and its custom clones.

Cons:  Commerical bullets really limit the 270 A.M.s performance potential.  Custom 169.5 gr ULD RBBT not easily obtained from Wildcat Bullets but it is still listed as a production item.  Relatively limited choice in reloading powders.

257 Allen Magnum

Left to Right: 25-06 Rem, 257 Weatherby Mag, 257 S.T.W., 257 Allen Magnum, 338 RUM (Parent case for 257 A.M.).  The 257 A.M., with same bullet weights, produces 500 fps more velocity then the 257 Weatherby and +200 fps more velocity then the 257 S.T.W.   Looking at it another way, the 257 A.M. will drive a 156 gr ULD RBBT to the same velocity as a 257 Weatherby with a 120 gr. bullet weight.

Parent case:  338 Remington Ultra Magnum

Preferred Bullets: 100 and 115 gr. Ballistic Tip, 110 gr. Accubond, 100 and 115 gr. Barnes TSX, 156 gr. ULD RBBT Wildcat Bullets

Recommended Powders:  Ramshot Magnum, WC-860, WC-872, US-869

Recommended Primer:  Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum

Velocity Performance:
Bullet Weight               Muzzle Velocity(30" barrel length)
100 gr.                            4050 fps
110 gr.                            3900 fps
115 gr.                            3800 fps
120 gr.                            3750 fps
130 gr.(custom)                3650 fps
142 gr.(custom)                3450 fps
156 gr.(custom)                3350 fps

Ballistic Performance:
Bullet Weight: 110 gr Accubond @ 3900 fps, 250 yard zero, 10 mph

Yardage     velocity      wind drift          Energy        TOF(sec)
400            2986 fps        7.8"           2178 ft/lbs    0.352                           
600            2595 fps        18.7"         1645 ft/lbs    0.567
800            2237 fps        35.4"         1222 ft/lbs    0.816            
1000          1910 fps        59.4"         891 ft/lbs      1.106

Bullet Weight: 156 gr. ULD RBBT @ 3350 fps, 250 yard zero,10mph

Yardage    velocity        wind drift        energy        TOF
400            2918 fps        4.5"          2950 ft/lbs    0.383
600            2718 fps        10.5"        2558 ft/lbs    0.596            
800            2526 fps        19.3"        2210 ft/lbs    0.825
1000          2343 fps        31.1"        1901 ft/lbs    1.072
1200          2167 fps        46.5"        1627 ft/lbs    1.338

Recommended Uses:   Big game Hunting only.  Not intended for higher volume shooting such as for varmint hunting.  Designed to be used on Light to medium big game hunting including pronghorn and smaller deer species and any other animals in this weight class. 

Effective range:  Lighter bullets are extremely effective on appropriate sized big game out to 600-700 yards.   Heavier custom bullets are effective on big game at ranges past 1/2 mile and even up to 1000 yards in good shooting conditions:

Pros:  Extremely flat shooting, very low recoil, precision accuracy, easily fits into most commerical long action receivers.

Cons:  Limited barrel life, cases somewhat involved to form, must use ultra slow burning ball powders.  Custom bullets are not currently available at this time from Wildcat Bullets.

6.5mm Allen Magnum

Some of the modern high performance members of the 6.5mm family
Left to Right:  6.5mm W.S.M., 264 Winchester Magnum, 6.5mm S.T.W., 6.5mm Allen Magnum and 338 Remington Ultra Magnum case which is used to form the 6.5mm Allen Magnum.  The 6.5mm A.M. boosts velocity by 200 fps with all bullet weights.

Parent Case: 338 Remington Ultra Magnum

Recommended Bullets:  100 and 120 grain Ballistic Tip, 130 and 140 grain Accubond, 142 gr Sierra Matchking.

Recommended Powders: Ramshot Magnum, H-US869, WC-860 and WC-872

Recommended Primers: Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum

Velocity Performance:
Bullet Weight                    Muzzle Velocity(30" barrel length)
100 gr.                                4100 fps
120 gr.                                3800 fps
130 gr.                                3700 fps
140 gr. (Accubond)                3550 fps
142 gr.                                3550 fps

Ballistic Performance:
Bullet Weight: 120 gr Accubond @ 3800 fps, 250 yard zero, 10 mph

Yardage     velocity    wind drift      Energy        TOF(sec)
400           2879fps    8.4"              2209ft/lb     0.363                                 
600           2484        20.1             1644            0.587
800           2122        38.3             1199            0.849                      
1000         1794        64.6              857             1.156

Bullet Weight: 142 gr. ULD RBBT @ 3550 fps, 250 yard zero,10mph

Yardage    velocity     wind drift      energy        TOF
400          2863 fps       6.8"          2584 ft/lbs   0.376           
600          2549            16.1"         2049           0.598       
800          2255            30.4"         1603           0.848
1000        1978            50.6"         1233           1.132
1200        1714            78.2"         926             1.458

Recommended Uses:  The 6.5mm Allen Magnum is designed to be a dedicated hunting round for use on light to medium big game at moderate to long range.  With 100 to 130 gr bullet weights, the 6.5mm Allen Magnum is extremely flat shooting but the heavier 140 and 142 grain bullets perform better ballistically at long range.  The 6.5mm A.M. is not intended to be used as a high volume varmint round.

Effective Range:  When using 100 to 130 grain bullets, the 6.5mm AM can effectively harvest light to medium big game species out to 600-700 yards with easy.  With heavier, higher BC bullets, it offers legit 800 to 1000 yard reach on pronghorn to smaller deer species.

Pros:  Extremely flat shooting, good selection of commerical bullets, very low recoil.

Cons:  Cases are somewhat involved to form,  barrel life is relatively short and suitable reloading powders are somewhat limited. 

7mm Allen Magnum

Some of the better known heavy hitters in the 7mm family.  Left to Right: 7mm Remington Magnum, 7mm S.T.W., 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum, 7mm Allen Magnum and 338 Lapua Magnum case which is used as the parent case for the 7mm Allen Magnum.  Originally designed to drive the 200 gr. ULD RBBT Wildcat Bullet to 3300 fps, the 7mm A.M. far exceeds the performance of all other 7mm magnums on the market today.

Parent Case:  338 Lapua Magnum, Fully Formed cases available with rifle orders from APS.

Recommended Bullets:  140 and 160 gr. Accubonds, 175 gr. Sierra Matchking, 180 gr. Berger VLD and 200 gr. ULD RBBT Wildcat Bullet.

Recommended Powders:  H-Retumbo, WC-860, WC-872

Recommended Primers:  Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum

Velocity Performance:
Bullet Weight                        Velocity (30" barrel length)
140 gr.                                  3700 fps
160 gr.                                  3550 fps
175 gr.                                  3450 fps
180 gr.                                  3400 fps
200 gr. (custom)                     3300 fps

Ballistic Performance:
Bullet Weight: 160 gr Accubond @ 3550 fps, 250 yard zero, 10 mph

Yardage     velocity    wind drift      Energy        TOF(sec)
400            2870fps    6.7"             2927ft/lb     0.376           
600            2568        15.9"           2342           0.597
800            2285        29.7"           1854           0.844
1000          2021        49.1"           1451           1.124

Bullet Weight: 200 gr. ULD RBBT @ 3300 fps, 250 yard zero,10mph

Yardage    velocity     wind drift      energy        TOF
400          2910 fps       4.2"         3759ft/lbs     0.387
600          2727            9.7"         3302            0.600 
800          2552            17.7"        2891            0.827
1000        2383            28.5"        2522            1.071
1200        2221            42.4"        2191            1.331

Recommended Uses:  The 7mm Allen Magnum was the first APS wildcat to step away from the Remington Ultra Magnum parent case in favor of a slightly shorter and fatter design based on the 338 Lapua Magnum parent case.  The reasons for this change are for the slightly larger case capacity but mainly due to the dramatically increased strength of the Lapua case allowing it to handle pressures far exceeding anything the RUM case can survice and do so with long brass life with top loads.   The 7mm Allen Magnum is also the first APS wildcat that is designed and fully capable of harvesting game up to 1000 pounds at long range.  With the use of the 200 gr. ULD RBBT Wildcat Bullet, nothing else will match the ballistic performance of the 7mm Allen Magnum unless you step up to the wildcats based on the 408 Chey Tac parent case.

Using 140 to 160 gr. Accubonds, the 7mm AM is simply amazing on deer size game up to 400 pounds.  For light weight sporter rifles, these lighter bullets produce lower levels of recoil yet retain plenty of terminal performance for medium big game hunting.

Effective Range:  The 140 gr. and 160 gr. Accubonds are fully capable of cleanly harvesting small and medium big game at ranges up to and even exceeding 800 yards.  In ideal conditions these bullets retain plenty of velocity, energy and accuracy to harvest medium game out to 1000 yards. 

The 175 gr. Sierra MK, 180 gr. Berger VLD and 200 gr. ULD RBBT Wildcat Bullet are fully capable of harvesting deer size targets at ranges WELL past 1200 yards.  Referring to the velocity performance chart above, the 200 gr. ULD RBBT retaines well over 2200 fps and nearly 2200 ft/lbs of energy at 1200 yards!!!  While this level of performance is enough to harvest elk size game at this range, it is still recommended that elk size targets be held to 1000 yards max with the 7mm Allen Magnum.  This is mainly due to the relatively small frontal area of the 7mm bullet.

:  Fully formed brass available from APS with rifle orders.  Can be used with powders that are very stable over wide temp changes, Extreme ballistic and terminal performance,  limited recoil, relatively short over all length works in standard length receivers and magazine boxes.

:  Somewhat limited barrel life (plenty long enough for a career of big game hunting). Large diameter Lapua parent case requires receivers designed for this class of chambering.  Best bullet for this chambering is the 200 gr. ULD RBBT which is a custom bullet made by Wildcat Bullets.  This bullet is in production at this time but as a custom bullet availability can be a slight issue. 

338 Allen Magnum

Left to Right:  338 Allen Magnum and 338 Lapua.   The 338 Allen Magnum when loaded with a 300 gr. SMK offers a legit 500 to 600 fps velocity advantage over the 338 Lapua.  That with the ability of the XHS rifles to deliever BR class accuracy and you have an extremely pontent extreme range big game chambering.

Recommended Bullets:  265 gr Barnes TTSX, 300 gr. Sierra Matchking, 300 gr. Berger Hybrid (Gen 2 version only).

Recommended Powders:  H-50BMG, VV20N29

Recommended Primers:  Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum

Velocity Performance:
Bullet Weight                    Velocity (33" barrel length)
265 gr.                             3550 fps
300 gr.                             3350 fps

Ballistic Performance:
Bullet Weight: 300 gr. Berger Hybrid Gen 2 @ 3350 fps, 500 yard zero, 10 mph

Yardage     velocity    wind drift      Energy        TOF(sec)           
600           2758fps       9.7"          5066 ft/lb     0.592       
1000         2404           28.7"         3850            1.058
1400         2079           60.1"         2878            1.595
1800         1781           106.9"       2114            2.219
2200         1514           172.6"       1527            2.950
2600         1289           261.1"       1106            3.812
3000         1122           374.9"       838              4.816

Recommended Uses:  Big Game Hunting ONLY!  The 338 Allen Magnum was designed specifically for hunting medium to heavy big game at ranged past 1000 yards.  Terminal performance of the 338 Allen Magnum actually improves once targeting ranges extends past 1000 yards with most bullets.  This is because the retained velocity has dropped to a level more suitable for most bullet designs and terminal performance is improved with good expansion and much better penetration.  The 338 Allen Magnum can be used on light to medium big game as well and will cleanly largest these lighter big game targets at pretty much any range you can accurately place a bullet into the vitals.  Where the 338 A.M. really shines is for long to extreme range Elk hunting.

Effective Range:  The primary bullets used in the 338 Allen Magnum are the 300 gr. Sierra Matchking and the 300 gr. Berger Hybrid Gen 2 bullets.  With these bullets, light, medium and heavy big game can be cleanly harvested out to the stability limits of this wildcat which in most conditions will be in the 2600 to 3000 yard range.  That said, APS does not recommend targeting any big game animals past 1 mile (1760 yards) simply because of Time Of Flight for the bullet to arrive on target.  This is simply a recommendation but one we have found to be a wise one to follow for long range big game hunting.

Pros:  Fully formed, correct headstamped brass available from APS with rifle orders.  EXTREME ballistic and terminal performance.  BR class accuracy.  Extremely Comfortable to shoot in all APS rifles in spite of its size and performance numbers.  Pretty much the top of the performance ladder ballistically even including the 50 caliber class weapons.

Cons:  Very large chambering requires complete custom receiver designed specifically for this large case design.  Rifles are long and heavy starting at 15 lb MINIMUM for single shots, 18-19 pound for standard Xtreme Heavy Sporter Rifles.  Care must be taken not to overheat barrels or throat life will be limited.
375 Allen Magnum

Left to Right: 375 Allen Magnum and 338 Lapua.   The 375 Allen Magnum loaded with the 350 gr. SMK offers nearly identical trajectory as its 338 caliber sibling out to 1200 yards yet has a significantly larger kenetic energy payload.  While it gives up a bit in flexibility with fewer bullet options, it also offers mearsurably longer throat life and more punch on heavy game at extreme range.

Recommended Bullets:  350 grain Sierra Match King

Recommended Powders: Hodgdon Retumbo

Recommended Primers:  Federal 215 Large Rifle Magnum

Velocity Performance:
Bullet Weight                        Velocity (33" barrel length)
350 gr.                                   3300 fps

Ballistic Performance:
Bullet Weight: 350 gr. Sierra Matchking @ 3300 fps, 500 yard zero, 10 mph

Yardage     velocity    wind drift      Energy        TOF(sec)           
600            2660 fps    11.0"          5499 ft/lb    0.607                   
1000          2281          32.7"          4043          1.095
1400          1936          69.2"          2912          1.665
1800          1625          124"           2051          2.343
2200          1358          202"           1432          3.152
2600          1154          308"           1034          4.116
2800          1082          371"           910            4.656

Recommended Uses
:  Big Game Hunting is the major purpose for the 375 Allen Magnum but with the larger bore diameter it also has found some use in extreme range target shooting.  Like its smaller caliber brother 338 A.M., the 375 Allen Magnum is extremely effective for big game hunting at long to extreme range.   With the larger frontal area and heavier bullet weight, the 375 A.M. is suitable for the heaviest big game animals and its especially suited for hunting elk, moose and similiar size big game at ranges past 1000 yards.  It also is well suited for smaller big game species at any supersonic velocity range but it is better suited toward heavier game species.

Effective Range
:  With its primary bullet, the 350 gr. Sierra Matchking, the 375 Allen Magnum will sustain supersonic velocity to a range of roughly 2800 yards give or take slightly depending on elevation.  With the weight and diameter of this bullet, the 375 Allen Magnum will easily harvest medium big game at any supersonic range assuming the hunter has the ability to put the bullet through the vital area of the target animal.   Even if bullet expansion is minimal, the 375 caliber projectile is very effective at cleanly harvesting big game because of its large frontal area and large amount of tissue displacement.,  For heavier game, its recommended to keep shots to to less then 1 mile (1760 yards) simply because of bullet time of flight and not nessesarily because of lack of terminal performance at longer distances.

:  Fully formed, correct headstamped custom brass available from APS with rifle orders.  Extreme terminal and ballistic performance.  BR class accuracy.  Longer barrel life then 338 A.M.(estimate 20-25% longer).  Comfortable recoil levels with the Xtreme Heavy Sporter rifle platform.  Very similiar trajectory to 338 A.M. but with more terminal authority on heavier big game.

:  Requires custom receivers because of the size and overall length of the 375 A.M. ammunition.  Rifles are long and relatively heavy starting at around 16 lbs ready to hunt with.  Recoil is noticably heavier then the 338 A.M. but not punishing in any way.  Choice of quality long range bullets is relatively limited compared to 338 caliber.        
510 Allen Magnum

Left to Right: 50 BMG case, 510 Allen Magnum w/ 750 gr. Hornady A-Max, 338 Lapua Magnum w/ 300 gr. Sierra Matchking.

Parent Case:  50 BMG

Recommended Bullets:  Hornady 750 gr. A-Max

Recommended Powders:  Hodgdon H-50BMG, Hodgdon US-869, VV 20N29

Recommended Primers:  CCI-35

Velocity Performance:
750 gr. A-Max                3000 fps (33" barrel length)

Ballistic Performance:
Bullet Weight: 750 gr. Hornady A-Max @ 3000 fps, 500 yard zero, 10 mph

Yardage     velocity    wind drift      Energy             TOF(sec)           
500           2610 fps     6.4"           11339 ft/lbs       0.536       
1000         2252          27.3"          8442                 1.155
1400         1988          56.7"          6579                 1.722
1800         1744          99.8"          5062                 2.367
2200         1521          159"           3854                 3.104
2600         1328          237"           2936                 3.951
3000         1173          337"           2291                 4.917

Recommended Uses:  The 510 Allen Magnum was designed primarily as a heavy long range and extreme range target and competition wildcat.   The goal is to increase the ballistic performance of the 50 BMG by adding velocity to what the parent case can produce.  The 510 A.M. does this very well.  Velocity gains in the 150 to 200 fps range are not uncommon using same weight bullets.  The 750 gr. A-Max is the recommended bullet simply because it has a good BC, its easy to purchase and is generally very user friendly and accurate.  The 510 A.M. can also be used very effectively for big and heavy game hunting  at pretty much any range you can effectively place your bullets into the vitals of a big game animal.  For this secondary purpose of big game hunting, the 750 gr. A-max is a very good choice as it is considered an expanding bullet design which is required by many western states for big game hunting.   The 510 A.M. is excessively powerful for any big game hunting but with proper shot placement it is of course fully capable of cleanly harvesting any big game animal on the planet easily and do so with BR class accuracy.

Effective Range:  The effective range of the 510 Allen Magnum, much like the 338 and 375 Allen Magnum, is more limted by the shooters ability to shoot a 50 caliber class weapon and read enviornmental conditions more then the performance of the chambering itself.  For consistant target shooting, the 510 A.M. will offer sustained supersonic velocity out to slightly over 3000 yards in most elevations and shooting conditions.  For big game hunting, the 510 A.M. carries WELL over 1 ton of kenetic energy even out to 3000 yards and with its 0.510" bullet frontal diameter, it has more then enough power to cleanly kill most big game animals at this range.  That said, because of the relatively long time of flight of the 510 A.M., it is not recommended to hunt big game at ranges much past 1800 yards simply because of the amount of distance a big game animal can move in the time of flight to reach the target at longer ranges.  This is simply a recommendation but one based in alot of experience in the field.

Pros:  Extremely accurate, very powerful, great bullets, common powders and  Extreme WOW factor!!
Cons:  Rifles are very long and heavy (30 lb min), Requires fireforming brass, extreme muzzle blast, requires special handloading equipment.

    2005 marked the start of the Allen Magnum family of wildcats with the 257, 6.5mm and 270 Allen Magnum going from some simple drawings on paper into reality.  From the start the purpose of the Allen Magnum wildcats was not to be near the top of the performance ladder in each caliber family but instead to take performance levels to a completely different level of performance.  Every member of the ALLEN MAGNUM family of wildcats accomplishes this goal easily from the 257 Allen Magnum that completely outclasses all other 25 caliber magnums to the 338, 375 and 510 Allen Magnum that boose performance to a new level of performance in all of those caliber families.  With the Allen Magnums came the label, "Faster, Flatter and Farther then ever before."  All of the Allen Magnum wildcats live up to this statement.  If your looking for extreme performacne for a big game hunting rifle, you will not find anything that outperforms an Allen Magnum in any given caliber family.

Allen Magnum Wildcats

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