Raptor Ultralight Hunter

APS Ultra Light Hunter Rifles

Available For Order as of 10-01-15
Photos coming soon!

The APS Ultralight Hunter is a rifle platform we designed for those that wanted long range accuracy but in a package which was extremely portable yet still chambered in some of the most ballistically and terminally potent chamberings available, commercial as well as wildcats and of course most of the Allen Precision wildcats.  These rifles are designed for use out to 800 yards but have tested fully capable of legit 1000 yard reach in the hands of a competent marksman. 

The APS UL Hunter is built around the great Defiance Deviant Ultralight Hunter receiver which has features such as extra deep spiral bolt fluting, integral recoil lug and integral scope mounting bases.  As much extra steel as possible has been trimmed off this receiver leaving only the nessesary amount needed for proper strength and rigidity.  Truly one of the lightest yet strongest receivers in its class.

The barrel for the APS UL Hunter will either be a light Hart #3 contour with their light flute design or #2 Lilja barrels. Both in stainless steel and in lengths from 24" to 27".

The stocks used on the Raptor UL Hunter is the McMillan Hunter sporter stock made with their EDGE carbon fiber shell technology reducing weight while maintaining proper stock strength.

Jewell triggers are standard on the APS UL Hunter rifles.  The extremely effective small 3 port Painkiller muzzle brake is also an available option  and often a welcome addition depending on chambering selected.

The APS UL Hunter is available in short and long action as well as Lapua Magnum using the large 0.750" bolt diameter.  Also available in right and left hand.

Finish weight of the APS UL Hunter will range from 6.0 lb. up to 6.8 lbs. depending on chambering and options wanted.  This is bare rifle weight, not including optical packages.

For those wanting the ultimate in strength, performance and portability, the APS UL Hunter is arguably the very best choice on the market today. 

Base price for the APS UL Hunter will start at $4100 with several add on extra cost options available.  Contact me at to discuss the details of your next ultra packable lightweight long range hammer!!!
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